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Here's a wish for happiness
and many dreams come true.
Not only on your Special Day
but always - all life through
Happy Birthday

Count your garden by the flowers
Never by the leaves that fall
Count your days by the golden hours
Don't remember clouds at all
Count your years with smiles, not tears
Count your age by friends, not years!
With as much love, as I can share,
I wanted to let you know I care
enough to send some love your way,
On your very special day!
Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

A greeting on your birthday
For a very happy day
and then a year
that brings the best,
of everything your way.
Enjoy your special day!
Extra special wishes,
for an extra special day.
May you have much
Happiness in every
Single way

Hope lovely surprises
are coming your way.
To make your
Birthday a
Wonderful day.
Happy Birthday !

Happy birthday to you,
today is special and new.
Hope you love our gifts,
and surprises tied with fun.

I hope that today
is filled with happiness
and dreams come true
every step of the way.
Happy Birthday!
If only all the children in the world
Could have a father as loving as you
The world would be a better place for all
So Happy Birthday, Daddy, to you!

Here's hoping that
your birthday
will very quickly bring.
All you really do deserve:
the best of everything
Birthdays by themselves are gifts.
I wish you receive lots of them.
Happy Birthday to you cutie.
Make it grand!

Today will be remembered
In so many lovely ways,
And we will start together
One more year of happy days!
Happy Birthday

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